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Install Insulated Roof Panels for Structural Integrity; We Assist Clients in Fort Myers, FL, and the Surrounding Areas

Are you looking to upgrade your roofing against the harsh Florida sun? At Affinity Aluminum, our insulated roof panels solve your home’s thermal issues. Not only do our panels provide benefits such as improved interior comfort and a quieter environment, but they can also save money on your energy costs. Our panels use a polystyrene foam core designed for superior strength and exceptional insulation. And it’s structurally designed to allow the application of shingles, tile, architectural metal, and other aesthetic elements.

Whether you need an insulated aluminum roof panel for your entire home or a pan roof system for adjunct structures like patios, we can get your project completed to a high standard. Our services are available to clients in and near Fort Myers, FL.

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We’ll bring the best roofing solution for your Florida residence.

Our insulated roofing works for the best heating and cooling of your indoor environment.

The Comfort of Your Home Starts With Your Roofing

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If you need a new or replacement roof in Fort Myers, FL, then don’t delay to contact us. Whether you have a large or small home, we can provide you with the best installation of our top-notch insulated roof panels. You can count on us for a service that is guaranteed to be ahead of the curve. Call us to arrange your project and receive a free estimate.